Things to do in Bali

White Water Rafting
These two hours, visually spectacular rafting trip on the Ayung and Telaga Waja River is a
mix of excitement, fun and breathtaking views. Carving through some of Bali most fantastic landscape, provide a thrill from the moment you push off from the river banks.
Highly trained river guides and welcoming operational staff, make this trip the most memorable experience of your stay in Bali. A must while you are in Bali
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Mount Batur Trekking 

A climb to the summit of Mount Batur – 1,717 meters and still an active volcano - to watch the sunrise is a great experience for more energetic travelers. This is an easy climb of about 2 hours and local guides abound. You do not need to be in peak physical shape to complete this trek. Be the first one to admire the Sun rise from the highest peak of Mount Batur.

Bali Massage and Spa   

Balinese believe that the body, mind and spirit work in harmony. The health and well being of all make the whole happy.
Massage releases tension, frees the muscle tissues of toxins and improves the body’s circulation of blood and healing power.Reflexology or Foot Massage relieves stress from specific areas in the feet that are in harmony with other areas of the body and increases the rejuvenating and revitalizing powers of the whole being.

Street food in Bali
The food you find along Bali's bustling road side is nice and cheap. 
It is nothing like that you can find in the restaurants/cafe there as the taste are truly local and authentic.

I have been to Bali for many times and it never occur me to try the local
Balinese food. But for this time round, we were in Bali for a
week and we wanted to try some of the authentic street Balinese food.

So we told Mr Bina that we wanted to try the “street food” in Bali, he was a
little bit concerned that our “stomach” cannot take it.
We told him if we survived the street food in Bangkok, we should not have a problem in Bali. 
Thanks to Mr Bina, who have brought us around to taste the authentic street Balinese food.

Here are the food that we have tried – We must say that we got no regret trying all this nice food (We definitely miss the food now) – Yummy!!

Nasi Ayam
White rice topped with chicken, cripsy chicken skin, fish, satay, egg and a wide selection of
cooked vegetables including kang kung. A dollop of hot sambal might be added to the side of the plate.
Love the crispy
chicken skin!

Mie Bakso
This Indonesia food is very popular at anytime. The soup has a peppery and garlic taste. Bakso mostly served with noodle and it include dices of chicken meat, vegetable, spring onions and a bowl of beef meatball soup. To spice it up you can add a dash of chili sauce and sweet soya sauce.

Ayam Betutu
Ayam Betutu is also known as "Volcano Chicken” – this dish which is made from chicken, which contains the spices. The best part is the gravy, it is “Superb HOT” which is very spicy. That is why people called it as "Volcano Chicken”.

Warung Mak Beng (Fish Soup)
It is located in Sanur Beach.
They sell Fresh Fish and their specialties include fish soup cooked with Balinese traditional spices, fried fish, and extraordinary chilli sauce. Their fish soup is basically made up of rich fish broth and whole of fresh fish, mixed with Balinese traditional spices and cucumbers. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Masakan Padang
where you find a place to sit and everything will be served to you. There are a wide variety of dishes, stacked on top of each other - Rice, dishes, desserts. You eat what you want only, just remove the food you don't want to eat and put it aside and you get charged for what you eat.

Vivian Lim and Family – October 2010

Kueh Lapis

Kueh Lapis 
or Kuih Lapis, more affectionallly known by Singaporeans and Malaysians is known as Kue Lapis or Lapis Legit in Bali, Indonesia.
For the uninitiated, the Kue Lapis is basically a multi-layered cake which is
meticulously made by hand in Bali by first, spreading a very thin layer of cake mixture recipe onto the baking pan. This is then placed in the oven and carefully baked under low heat until it solidifies. Then, another equally thin mixture made of a different flavor is spread over the first layer. The baking pan containing 2 layers is again placed into the oven under low heat. Once it solidifies, a 3rd layer is added. This process is slowly and painfully repeated for about 20 times 
until you get the Bali Lapis Legit -- The Layered Cake.
Just to bake just 1 good tasting cake, it takes hours by a person whose main virtue must surely be of "pure patience". In our recent family trip to Bali, we were very fortunate enough to sample some Kueh Lapis by our Bali driver , Bina.
The taste is certainly difficult to describe. I'll just call it heavenly. It's smooth texture combined with the different layers of flavours is pure sinful indulgence.
Eat these is small portions and slowly to enjoy it's full impact. Compared to our Kueh Lapis in 
Singapore which we normally consume, this Bali Kue Lapis must surely win hands down.
Our samples tasted so good that we needed no convincing in purchasing 10 pieces home for friends and other family members. The results? --> Their expressive smiles on their faces says it all. I'm sure that this will be one of their "must gets" when they visit Bali next time.
One caution on the Lapis Legit. Eat the cake within 3-4 days as advised by Bina because since NO preservatives are added, it will not last long. Understand from Bina that the Kuih Lapis in Bali are made upon confirmation of order and never made in bulk. Call Bina on where to get your taste-buds satisfied.
Well, for me at least... the "not last long" aspect will not apply. It's just heavenly too good tasting to even last.
Happy Kueh Lapising !!!
Suzanne Lee Siok Hwee and Family

A taste of Golf with a taste of Bali !!!

Going to miss your golf clubs while you are in Bali? Well check this out…
This trip combining Playing golf for fun and scenic view in Bali”
Try your Swing, Driving, Chipping or Putting at the highest golf course in Bali, situated in the center of Bali where fresh breeze and great landscape will cool you down. The journey there has spectacular views of rice fields along the way to this lovely golf course, where you can swing to your heart's content for 2 hours before setting off to see Lake Beratan with Ulun Danu Temple,a beautiful Holy Hindu-Buddhist Water Shrine, dedicated to the Goddess of the Lake, "Dewi Danu". Here you can refresh your mind and soul in it's beauty, before stopping off at Bedugul Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Market, where you can try some of the local produce.
Before continuing our trip, a buffet lunch will be served at a local restaurant overlooking the lake. From there we will visit some of the lush green Rain Forest at Bali Botanical Gardens.
On the way back "home", we will stop at the local Durian and Mangosteen shop, in order for you to continue your Bali experience in the comfort of your hotel.

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