Welcome to Bali island

Welcome to an island whose beauty is legendary all over the world.

Bali Customized Tours – escorterinbali- offer you; private driver, chartered transport and driver service for your best vacation in Bali.

Traveling to Bali? Try your own way to explore Bali with a private car and English-speaking driver, to guide you around Bali.

What will you get? This exclusive tour is designed to allow you the chance to customize your time and discover the most interesting sights in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle. As a visitor you will have every opportunity to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and I encourage you to do that.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent view while I am driving to take you sightseeing and to discover places of great natural beauty and Bali’s wonderful Temples, arts and culture, sailing, rafting, diving, riding, walking or even mountain climbing and exploring to see Bali itself.

Simply email me at, binawilothama99@hotmail.com , and let’s discuss your trip plan…
See you in Bali, the island of God.

Chartered Transport in Bali - Bali Private tour

Here are some tips for you travelers who wish to go on a day trip in Bali. Bali is small enough to traverse in couple of hours by road, so it would be so great if you arrange your own itinerary before you go on a tour. You might have to think about what you are planning to do before you decide on which tour organizer you go with, then you will find these transport services will be pleased to help you. You can go either with; public transport such as Bemo(local transport) or public Bus, tourist shuttle buses, motorbike and bicycle, rental car or even a helicopter. And for the most comfortable one is "Chartered transport" Or "Bali Private Tour". Hundreds of drivers in Bali offer Private tours, which means you rent their vehicle with them as the Bali driver. With somebody driving for you, you have got plenty of time to look around, manage your time and arrange your own tour itinerary. But make sure, before you hire them, you must be very clear about who's paying for fuel,where you want to go and stop, meals,parking fee, entrance ticket or any other terms and conditions.
With Tour driver/guide from escorterinbali, we will serve you with the best companion to explore Bali... So good luck and have a nice day in Bali with me Bina Bali driver.

BOOK NOW.. contact me at binawilothama99@hotmail.com or call me at +62-821-4420-6878 , WA +62-821-4420-6878